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Windows maintenance and repair

If you run a small business and do not have an IT staff we can serve as your System Administrator and Support Staff.

New business clients get their first hour FREE.


We Make Technology Work for You

Renaissance Computer Services has served the Bellingham area for over a decade. Our skilled techs have over 25 years of experience helping users with their computer problems. We can work on your system at your home or business, or we service your problematic PCs or servers in our shop. Either way, you will be delighted with how your computer performs.

Renaissance Computer Services is locally owned and operated. Enjoy our friendly customer service.

UNIX and Linux machine repairs

We offer high-quality products and services. Call today to learn more about technology available from us.

If your PC isn't functioning, trust Renaissance Computer Services to fix your system and get you back up and running. We can clean your system of viruses or junk files and if needed, reinstall a working OS.


$65 per hour for any current Windows Version

$85 per hour for any Windows Server OS

(Minimum: 1 hour on-site, 1/2 hour at shop)

If you run UNIX or a Linux release, you may do so to take advantage of inexpensive or free software. Not many people can fix problems from command lines, but we can.


$85 per hour for all UNIX release issues

$85 per hour for Linux machine fixes

(Minimum: 1 hour on-site, 1/2 hour at shop)

Hardware installation and repair

Networking and cable installation

$65 per hour to solve any hardware issue

(Minimum: 1 hour on-site, 1/2 hour at shop)

$65 per hour for network-related problems

(Minimum: 1 hour for assistance at your site)

  • Processors

  • Case fans

  • Power supplies

  • Screens

  • Printers

  • Servers

  • Network cabling

  • Switches and routers

  • Wireless networking

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